Here at

East Dean Kennels

we understand how important your dogs and cats are. We try to make your animals stay as pleasant as possible.

Each dog and cat will have their own kennel or cattery unit and will not be shared with animals from another household. We allow pets from the same household to share a unit or kennel if you request. We have double units and giant units available which can allow up to 3 dogs or 4 small dogs in a household to share.


Exercise is important for all animals. Here at East Dean we ensure we have many safe, dog friendly environments to allow dogs to be mentally and physically stimulated.

The dogs have three main exercise areas. We have:

  • A large grassed garden for off lead exercise.

  • A paved winter paddock for daily exercise for every dog. It has also has a convenient strip of grass. This avoids the dogs getting muddy during winter months.

Each cat unit is exceptionally spacious so that owners are able to bring toys and their own scratching post if needed. The have access to their own outdoor section at all times.

In the evening cats have the option of using their individual runs, through the use of a cat flap. The door to their run is open during the day if it is not too cold and closed at night when the radiators are turned on.

Own Bedding

At East Dean we supply all bedding. If you would like to bring in a comfort blanket or bed for your animal- feel free to do so. The majority of the time we will use it, however this will be ised at the discretion of the staff of that day if it is suitable but please be assure that your pet will always be comfortable and have enough bedding.


We stock a varity of quality dog food in many different flavours.

These can include (depending on availability)

  • Arden Grange

  • Proplan

  • Beta

If your dog is sensitive to certain foods or remains on a strict diet we always recommend bringing in your own food.

There are no extra charges for using our own dog and cat food.

Please be aware that we cannot guarentee that your animal will recieve the exact same food/flavour that they have at home so if you are worried please bring in some of your own or give us a call on 01622 890 396 to discuss the options available.

We can cater for dogs on RAW food. We have a fridge and freezer and are able to store large quantities for long stay.


We are able and capable to look after dogs on medication. If your dog has a serious condition please phone before your pets stay so that we are aware and can prepare.


East Dean Kennels, Smarden Road, Headcorn, Kent, TN27 9HP

Viewing by appointment only!
Our opening hours for collection and delivery are 9 am-11 am every morning and 3 pm-6 pm every evening.

East Dean is situated in seven acres of beautiful Kent countryside between Maidstone and Ashford.

If there is any need to contact us, please call. We are happy to help.